November is an exciting time in Tazewell 4-H. During this time we are gearing up with plans for the new year, new club officers, 4-H enrollments and recruiting new members as well as celebrating the past year’s accomplishments. We wrapped up the 2011-2012 4-H year with a fun celebration at First Assembly of God Church in Pekin on Nov. 9. This was the annual Tazewell 4-H Achievement Night.

 The Tazewell 4-H Federation hosted this year’s event.

 The theme for Achievement Night was Candyland. The 2012 4-H Queen, Mandi McCloskey greeted guests dressed like Princess Frostine. The tables were decorated with each of the Candyland characters, candy and bright colors. The room was decked out to resemble a life size Candyland game board.

 The Federation members who attended, served and announced awards were Nikki Chambliss, President; Molly Hoerr, Co-Treasurer, Jenny Burress, Vice President; Lila Hall, Zachariah Chism, Ethan Smith, Mandi McCloskey and Naomi Gay.

 A Touch of Class was awarded the Club of the Year, based on a story written by club  member Hannah Knowles. The club received a scrapbooking kit to use to record all of their club special events and meetings.

 The 4-H Clubs who met their Club Standards of Excellence were Mackinaw Ridge Runners, Shamrocks, 4-H Forever, Delavan Aces, and Tazewell Troopers.

 Ryann Drake of Mackinaw Ridge Runners was awarded the Junior level Outstanding Secretary Book. Lydia Wagenbach of Tremont Coop Intermediate received the Senior level award.

 The Outstanding Treasurer Books awards were given to Ethan Beutel, Tremont Coop Junior and Lucy Wagenbach, Tremont Coop Senior.

 The Mackinaw Ridge Runners and Tazewell Troopers were given Gold Level awards for their club scrapbook. A Touch of Class and Pekin Saintly Dragon received Silvers and Shamrocks were Honorable Mention.

 Cole Goff of the Minier Pioneers was awarded the I Dare You Leadership Award for his accomplishments. The award is based on 4-H records and is judged based on personal integrity, balanced life, and potential for leadership.

 The Illinois 4-H Foundation sponsored a grant for a special marketing campaign held in Fulton, Peoria, Mason and Tazewell 4-H programs.

Each club that added a total of one or more members would receive a special gift for the club. The clubs could choose between a teambuilding kit, club banner or scrapbook kit. The clubs in Tazewell who earned this honor were A Touch of Class, Tazewell Country Club, Tremont Coop Intermediate, 4-H Forever and Green Valley Toilers.

 Junior leaders are 4-H members who are at least 12 years of age and take one additional leadership roles and assist the club leaders in a variety of ways. The Junior Leaders recognized for their work in 2011-2012 were:

• 4-H Forever: Emily Smith and Ethan Smith

 • A Touch of Class: Dakota Robertson and Hannah Knowles

• Delavan Aces: Aaron Borton, Rachel Carl, Sarah Carl, Harry Sullivan and Paige Bennet

 • Mackinaw Ridge Runners: Brock Wiegand and Luke Brodahl

 • Tazewell Troopers: Molly Hoerr

 4-H Leaders are recognized each year for their first year of volunteer work in the traditional 4-H clubs and then for each of their 5 year anniversaries. We had many 4-H Leaders celebrating a special anniversary year.

 • First Year: Jennifer Fuller, Tremont Coop Jrs., Samantha Summers, A Touch of Class, William Beutel, Tremont Coop Int., Julie Rumbold, 4-H Forever, Tracy King, A Touch of Class, and Carla Robertson, A Touch of Class

 • Fifth Year: Lisa Monagle, Mackinaw Ridge Runners, and Rachel Sauder, Tremont Coop Jrs.

• Fifteenth Year: Becky Hoerr, Tazewell Troopers

 • Twenty Years: Ann Eisele, A Touch of Class

 The 2011-2012 4-H Federation officers also received recognition gifts for their leadership roles.

President - Cole Goff, Minier Pioneers

Vice President - Bayley Sours, Pekin Saintly Dragons & Tazewell Tumbleweeds

Secretary - Nikki Chambliss, Tremont Clovers

Treasurers - Molly Hoerr, Tazewell Troopers and Katelyn Pruitt, Pekin Saintly Dragons

 The Recognition of Excellence awards are the core of Achievement Night. 4-Hers are honored for their involvement and progress in the 4-H program. Award requirements include establishing a project plan, attending 2/3 of club meetings

Give talk or demonstration or make and exhibit, serve on a club committee or hold an office, take part in a community service, assist leaders with a special club activity, participate in a learning experience at the county, regional or state level, provide leadership to a project or activity and help conduct programs. The requirements are divided based on the age of the 4-Her.

 There were 126 Recognition of Excellence awards presented for 2011-2012. A complete listing of those awards along with photos from the evening can be found online at or by calling the Tazewell County office for University of Illinois Extension at 347-6614.