Village Board members on Dec. 3 unanimously approved a twice-revised noise ordinance without saying a word about it.

The original ordinance dealt mainly with barking dogs, loud cars and loud music.

The revised ordinance is more detailed and reflects the community’s growth, which includes many large outdoor events.

Noises that are “unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary” are banned in the revised ordinance, with violators subject to fines.

There are several exemptions, with and without restricted hours.

Elevate Church members and neighbors brought their disagreement over the assertion that loud music was coming from their church to the last two board meetings.

They spoke during public comments before the board discussed the revised ordinance.

Neither side spoke about the dispute during the meeting.

Board member Randy Belsley said he met recently with both groups and learned the situation has improved because the church has taken steps “to make the noise acceptable to its neighbors.”

Also at the meeting, board members:

• Approved new salary schedules and classifications for nonunion village employees effective Jan. 1 that are the result of a study and recommendations by consultant Voorhees Associates of Deerfield.

Wendy Ferrill, village treasurer and comptroller, said about 10 employees, mainly paramedics, were determined to be underpaid based on their job responsibilities and how comparable communities paid for same services.

Some job classifications were changed.

Ferrill said no employee’s salary will be reduced because of the new schedules and classifications.

Mayor Norm Durflinger said he was impressed by Voorhees’ work, “but there are no perfect salary schedules.

Village employees who feel they’re underpaid need to document what they do, and we’ll review the situation.”

• Approved an ordinance that reduced the amount of liquor licenses in Morton by one.

The reduction was made after one of the businesses that previously sold alcohol has stopped doing so.

— Adam Larck contributed to the story