The Jefferson School PTO sponsored a book fair last week and decided to have a "fun" raiser.

While they were raising money by hosting the book fair they also planned activities throughout the week that would be fun for students, staff and families.

Scholastic offers incentives to schools that host family events during the week of book fair.

For example, the school received $25 because Principal Susan Grzanich dressed in costume on Friday.

"This is all free money to us to purchase books for our school. We decided to take advantage of some of those incentives," Jenny Grow, book fair chairperson said.

Other events also earned the school extra money.

On Thursday students hosted grandparents or people that were important to them during lunch.

Those "grand" people could then shop at the book fair and PTO provided gift wrapping if those books were purchased as Christmas gifts.

Also, students wore crazy Christmas socks and families attended a movie night at Jefferson School on Friday night.

Principal Grzanich said the school has a word of the week and last week the word was "literacy".

The school also has a theme this year — Ignite Your Passion.

They expanded that theme to "Ignite Your Passion for Reading" last week.

Usually Jefferson School PTO hosts the book fair in March but decided to change the date.

There was some concern that it would be difficult to get volunteers during the busy holiday season, however, the book fair was a success.

"Every day we've had exactly how many volunteers we needed," Mrs. Grow said.

Becky Fowler also co-chairs the book fair at Jefferson School.