Jan. 2, 2013 edition

Murder, in any form, not right

Concerning the opinion piece printed Dec. 19, 2012, entitled “Will we do more than mourn?,” I pray that we will. However, what must de done is probably somewhat different than envisioned by the opinion writer(s) of GateHouse News Service.

A figure of 83 deaths per day by shootings, which calculates to 30,295 deaths per year, is given. Of course, that figure does not give the why for the shootings. How many were suicides? How many were law enforcement actions where a suspect was shot and killed? How many were killings based upon personal relationships? Nor can one surmise that, if there were no guns, all of those individuals would be alive today. There is a multitude of ways to kill without ever using a gun.

If there is to be any significant decrease in killings from whatever source, we, as a nation, must repent and return to the source of all good and all righteousness—the GOD of the Bible, who is the CREATOR of all things. Evil will exist as long as the world exists since GOD gave us free will which allows us to do either good or evil. It is our choice and it is our responsibility. We are and will be held individually accountable for those choices whether good or evil.

I must disagree with this thought from the article. “If our outrage is becoming diluted, it is easy to see why. The slaughter of innocents, once a rare horror, is becoming routine.” For almost 40 years, we, as a nation as “legalized” by the U.S. Supreme Court, have been massacring innocent unborn babies with wanton abandonment. It has been estimated that over the last 40 years more than 55,000,000 unborn babies have been murdered by the conscience act of their mothers. A very conservative number of 1,000,000 murders a year translates into almost 2,740 murders a day. This saying is true: “The most dangerous place in America is in the womb of one’s mother.”

On Nov. 3 of this year, I, along with other Christians, prayed in front of the Peoria abortion-murdering clinic during the annual “Forty Days of Prayer for Life.” During that morning, “legalized” but immoral murders were taking place. It was estimated that more than 20 murders were executed. Where was the outrage for those murders that occurred behind closed doors in Peoria that day? The murders in Newtown, Conn. were tragic and should be mourned. The similar murders of more than 20 innocent, unborn babies behind closed doors in Peoria are also tragic and should also be mourned. Is it hypocritical to mourn the massacre of innocent kindergarten children and yet, at the same time, ignore the continuing massacre of at least 2,740 innocent unborn babies every day of every year for the last 40 years?

The Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade was both immoral and unconstitutional. Undoubtedly, life begins at conception. Once conception occurs, if there is no interference with the GOD created and ordained process, human life occurs every single time. If conception does not occur, human life never occurs. This is a biological and scientific fact although immorally denied by the Supreme Court.

The decision is unconstitutional because the Constitution was directly violated. Roe was a Texas case challenging a Texas law outlawing abortions within the State except when the life of the mother was endangered. The case began in a Texas federal district court in direct violation of the Constitution. Article III, § 2, ¶ 2 specifically states:

“In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction (My use of red—my addition).”

That provision of the Constitution was certainly violated making all decisions thereof null and void.

To change the direction of this nation, we do not need more gun laws. We do not need more mental health facilities — I’ve read some articles that the drugs used to “control” some mental health issues influence behaviors leading to murder and/or suicide. We need a change of heart and a change of mind. We need to stop murdering our innocent unborn children. Murder in any form for any reason is not a “right” granted by the Constitution. We need to boldly proclaim the word of GOD—thou shall not murder. We need to repent. We need to turn to GOD.

Don L. Vance
Morton resident