When I read about officer Ujinski facing charges for slapping a young man I wonder why the parents have not stepped forward and forced their son to drop charges. If I had insulted a police officer when I was a teen, my dad would have done worse than slap me and I would have had my car taken away and been grounded. Respect has to come from the parents and the way the kids are raised. It used to be that a teacher could give you embarrassing swats in front of the class and that would straighten you out.

If that officer had slapped the kid because he was losing consciousness before an ambulance could get there and it saved his life, the officer would be a hero. So come on parents, start disciplining your kids, teach them respect and let them know that the only way to get ahead in this world is a good work ethic. As for the kid’s parents, the best thing you can do is thank the officer for getting your kid out of harms way and teaching him some respect.

Keith Dunkelbarger