Three young men allegedly came together early Sunday to invade two East Peoria homes at gunpoint and rob their occupants.

No shots were fired, but charges filed Tuesday could produce years in prison for the men, who were captured at and near the scene of the second pre-dawn crime.

Two charges of home invasion with a firearm and one of armed robbery with a firearm, all Class X felonies, were each filed against Marquis German, 20, of Washington, Cory Parker, 18, of East Peoria and Corie VanOppen, 18, of Peoria. They were ordered held on $500,000 bonds.

VanOppen told police the three intended to buy marijuana from the resident of a home in the 100 block of Fauber Lane in north rural East Peoria when they arrived at the home shortly after 3 a.m. The resident, who said VanOppen was a co-worker of his, denied dealing the drug.

When the resident answered a knock at his door, the suspects barged in and put handguns to the heads of him and another man in the home, the resident told police. Two wore bandannas over their faces, while VanOppen tried to shield his with his arm.

After one of the masked men suggested they shoot the two occupants, they collected items including cellphones, a computer and $100 in cash from the victims before fleeing, the resident said.

Police arrived and, while at the home, were alerted to another home invasion taking place in the 100 block of Hawthorne Avenue in central East Peoria, according to a prosecutor’s court affidavit.

That home’s resident said he refused to open his back door when two men knocked on it at about 5 a.m. Moments later, the two walked through his front door pointing handguns at him, he told police.

The resident grabbed one of the weapons, a wrestling match ensued and all three men wound up outside, where the attackers began pistol-whipping him, he said. He got away and ran to a neighbor’s house as the two men fled.

Police arrived to find VanOppen in his car parked near the home. Parker and German were found at a nearby gas station, where a citizen said he’d seen two men running to a short time earlier.

The suspects are next due in court on Dec. 21.

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