Who has been holding back?

Who has been holding back?

It has become apparent that not many, including us, were aware of the Ulrich Wildlife Preserve until mayor Norm Durflinger mentioned its existence.

After sending reporter Christina Smith through the preserve, we learned that it has a lot to offer to this small community.

Apparently, mushroom hunting in the preserve is a popular undertaking for residents.

We apologize for ruining anybody's secret — but, this place really has a lot of potential and could be a popular attraction for residents and guests in the future.

If the village continues its plans for parking spaces, and maybe bike trails, we have no doubt residents will want to visit the preserve — more than once.

The Ulrich Wildlife Preserve is a prime location for family get-togethers and picnics. It would make a great destination for bike trail users as well.

The only problem we have had so far is finding the place. It does not have an entrance, nor does it have signs directing potential visitors. That is exactly why the village wants to give the preserve more visibility.

We recommend taking a look at the preserve if residents can find it. It is located off Veterans Road in Morton, east of Hawthorn Subdivision, which is marked by a sign for Hawthorn Road.

Catch a glimpse of the beautiful outdoor sights. If it is wet, do not forget to wear hiking boots and jeans.

Those familiar with the preserve should feel ashamed for not sharing their secret. This preserve might be one of Morton's best-kept secrets.