EUREKA — The Germantown Hills woman allegedly stabbed repeatedly by her estranged husband and hospitalized Monday was twice this year refused an emergency order of protection against him.

Kristen Davis was in stable condition Tuesday, according to Woodford County Sheriff Matt Smith, a day after she suffered multiple stab wounds to her head and neck area. Her husband, Bret Davis, 41, was recovering from a 50-foot jump off the McClugage Bridge and was charged with attempted murder.

And while Bret Davis doesn't have a long criminal history — he is on misdemeanor probation for an October 2014 incident involving his wife — two petitions for orders of protection and a pending divorce file paint a picture of multiple incidents between the two.

While pleadings for orders of protections are often one-sided and divorce filings can be emotional, the filings thus far suggest the couple's ongoing emotional anguish.

Deputies got a 911 call about 11:10 a.m. Monday to respond to a domestic situation in which they found a woman bleeding from the head, according the Sheriff's Office. It's believed the stabbing occurred at the family's house but that the 911 call was made at a neighbor's house, according to the Sheriff's Office. Chief Deputy Dennis Tipsword said he didn't believe the couple's three children were home at the time. 

Minutes later, Davis was speeding toward the bridge, where his pickup truck crashed against a guard rail, according to the Sheriff's Office. He then got out of the truck and jumped off the bridge, falling 50 feet or so into the river below. Within 15 minutes, he was rescued from the river and taken to the hospital with what officials have called lacerations to his arms and neck. 

A $1 million warrant for his arrest was issued after police learned of the stabbing Monday. State's Attorney Greg Minger said Tuesday morning he sought the high bond because of the stabbing but also because of what followed.

"He sped through a construction zone, acted like he didn't care about anyone else and then tried to kill himself," Minger said.

The day's events were, perhaps, foreshadowed by earlier legal filings.

In her handwritten requests for orders of protection, Kristen Davis said her husband had repeatedly threatened her. She claimed in her last petition, filed Aug. 5, that he was trying to control her through his money, as she was a stay-at-home mother. She also claimed he was constantly harassing her and using "manipulation techniques to make me seem unstable and unable to care for our children."

The divorce file, started in May, is full of dueling motions regarding money and whether he could move back into the family's home at 404 Bittersweet Ave. She didn't want him to move back. He did, saying it was too much money to cover the costs of the house and an apartment. He also claimed she wasn't trying to find a job, and was painting false pictures to the police about him, according to the divorce file.

Kristen Davis sought her first order of protection against him in February, but Woodford County Judge Mike Stroh denied that request. He said the matter didn't meet the legal threshold for an emergency order, which requires a judge to believe the harm or abuse is so great or imminent that such an order can be granted without allowing the other side to weigh in.

Stroh scheduled a hearing a few days later to see if an order of protection should be granted. Kristen Davis never appeared in court, and the case was dropped.

Then, in early August, she again sought an order of protection, including a six-page handwritten list of incidents she claimed happened from early 2014 until August. Judge Charles Feeney, who is also hearing the couple's divorce, denied the request, also saying the case didn't meet the cause for an emergency order. But he left open the option for her to seek a non-emergency order of protection, which she had not requested as of Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, Feeney denied her request for exclusive use of the marital residence at 404 Bittersweet. There's no written order in the court file, but it appears from the minutes that he found her request didn't meet the legal standard.

Feeney declined to comment Tuesday, citing ethical canons that bar judges from commenting on pending cases. Woodford County has a policy that one judge will handle one family's civil matters such as orders of protection and divorces. And Feeney could wind up handling the attempted murder case, because he is the county's criminal felony judge. 

A date for Bret Davis to appear in Woodford County Circuit Court had not been set Tuesday.

Andy Kravetz is the Journal Star public safety reporter. He can be reached at 686-3283 and Follow him on Twitter @andykravetz.