Haley Heilman and Lee Frantz of Pekin share the wedding vows they took this summer after a year of engagement and planning.

They also share addiction to heroin. By summer’s end it had put them both behind bars.

Heilman, 23, will serve a three-year prison term for burglary, stealing her grandmother’s purse and credit cards from the woman’s car during a family party last May, and another year for possessing a small packet of heroin in August. She was sentenced with her guilty pleas this week.

Frantz, 29, was barely past his first week of an 18-month probation term for possessing heroin last February when he allegedly joined Heilman in the May burglary.

Prosecutors didn’t seek to revoke his probation after his arrest in that case but began that procedure on Aug. 23, days after Heilman and three men were stopped on their return to Pekin from purchasing heroin in Peoria, according to court records.

While the three men with Heilman were not identified in court records of her heroin possession arrest, Frantz admitted he had used heroin the same day. He’d also tested positive for the drug twice in recent visits to his probation officer, according to a prosecutor’s court affidavit.

In custody since the petition to revoke his probation was filed, he’ll appear in court Oct. 11 on both the burglary case and the revocation petition.

Frantz faces potential prison terms in both cases, but a last chance to remain free as well. He’s being considered for an Intensive Probation term, which would impose curfews and other strict conditions as an alternative to prison in his addiction-driving cases.

In an online engagement announcement last October, the couple recalled how their encounters at the church they shared grew into a loving relationship.

In May, after Frantz’s heroin possession conviction, Heilman’s family told her Frantz was not welcome at a party that she attended, court records stated. She left the party, but was seen with Frantz driving by the home where it was held an hour later, records stated.

When the party ended, her grandmother found her purse missing from her unlocked car. Before she could cancel the credit cards it contained, Heilman and Frantz had made more than $500 in purchases with them, records stated.

Heilman can reduce her four-year prison term by half with credit for good behavior.

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Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly related that the couple share a young daughter. Frantz is not the child's father, according to relatives of the child. The Daily Times regrets the error.