A Pekin man’s eyesight is threatened after he was shot in one eye with a weapon described as a BB gun.

The alleged shooter, Trever Wood, 23, remained jailed Monday after he was charged in court Sunday with shooting William Hockaday, 25, a week earlier.

Wood, of 1861 Vienna Court, faces probation to five years in prison if he’s convicted of aggravated battery in the case.

While Hockaday’s condition was not available Monday, a court affidavit stated a BB pellet was lodged behind his left eye. As of Friday, surgery to remove it had been cancelled due to the “high risk” the effort could cost his sight in one or both of his eyes, the affidavit stated.

Wood fired at Hockaday about a half-dozen times from his parked car as Hockaday walked alone near the intersection of Caroline and South Capitol Streets on Oct. 2, the prosecutor’s court affidavit stated.

A police officer found Hockaday in his apartment at 340 Caroline a short time later, “in a great deal of pain,” the affidavit stated. His left eye was bleeding and a second pellet “was sticking out of the left side of (his) forehead.”

Wood told police he “lost his temper” when his girlfriend, who had previously dated Hockaday, told him Hockaday had been “vulgar and threatening towards her” when the woman went to Hockaday’s residence to pick up her mail, the affidavit stated. No violence was cited in that confrontation.

Wood had driven the woman to the residence, waited in his car and, after hearing the woman’s claims, shot at Hockaday when he came out moments later to walk to a friend’s house, the affidavit stated.

Hockaday said he first felt something fly past his face. He turned around and saw Wood pointing a BB gun in his direction as the woman sat in the car’s passenger seat. Wood fired two more shots, striking him in the eye and forehead, Hockaday said.

Confronted by police two days later, Wood said he fired five to seven shots at Hockaday, the affidavit stated.

He remains held on $20,000 bond pending his next court appearance on Oct. 27.

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