A prosecutor requested a $3,000 bond when Adam Sells of Morton was charged in court Wednesday with misdemeanor domestic battery.

His judge set it $20,000.

That’s the price Sells, 33, will pay for several unsolicited, belligerent and obscene comments to his judge, who raised the bond each time he spoke.

He may not care to go free pending his prosecution. “I don’t give a s***,” Sells said in his brief confrontation with Tazewell County Circuit Judge Stephen Kouri.

He barely muttered his last comment, “B*** me,” but it was loud enough for the judge to hear.

“Go ahead, say it out loud, tough guy,” Kouri replied.

Sells, of 309 E. Jefferson Ave., allegedly pushed his girlfriend and broke two phones, her cellphone and a house phone she resorted to, when she tried to call police during their argument Tuesday in a Creve Coeur residence.

As Kouri was about to set his bond, Sells loudly asked why the woman also wasn’t charged. “She bit me,” he claimed. Kouri put the bond at $5,000.

“All I did was grab her cellphone, and I got the f****** phone!” Sells stated. Kouri doubled it.

When Sells stated his lack of care, Kouri doubled it again as a jail corrections officer quickly put him in handcuffs. Sells’ last comment, and Kouri’s reply, came as the officer led him from the jail room used for closed-circuit bonding court appearances.

Sells, who must post $2,000 in cash for his release pending prosecution, faces up to a year in jail if he’s convicted.

His prior criminal record includes two prison terms for felony retail theft and a misdemeanor domestic battery conviction last June.

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