The kickoff to the Morton Pumpkin Festival is the Great Pumpkin Pin Search. This treasure hunt for the official Festival Pin marks the countdown to the Opening Ceremony.
The Pin Search is a long-standing tradition in Morton that generations of Mortonites look forward to each year! The Search reminds everyone that the Festival is just around the corner.
Beginning four weeks prior to the Festival, thought-provoking, clever clues to the whereabouts of the Pins will be released. The clues will be posted at,, and on the door of the Morton Chamber of Commerce office (415 West Jefferson).
The searcher who finds the pin will win $300 in Chamber checks and be introduced on the Gold’s Gym Entertainment Stage.
Remaining Pin Search Clues will be released on Sept. 1 and Sept. 8 at 5 p.m.

Clue #3: September 1
Clue #4: September 8

The Pins will be hidden in non-dangerous locations on public property. The Pins could be anywhere indoors or outdoors, in the vicinity of Morton.

Guten willen to all you mortonites

Lagerung locations might be in your sights


Two thousand seventeen wow that’s hard to figure 

Just like who will be the pumpkin pin winner


The pin is not often on the parade route

Perhaps it’s time to get your map out


Don’t scratch if you itch; it will cause delay 

Sprechen sie deutsch? Then the chamber will pay


Run through all motel chains that you can list 

A poncho may be needed to ward off the mist 


Choose with care between grob and klein 

And a norden, sud, osten, or other sign

Some locations this year have a brand-new gym

Will your chances there be good or grim?


Let balloons fly all over morton, buster 

And avoid the spray when you see a crop duster  


Happy jaws chewin pumpkin will give you direction 

A new hill will force students to a course correction 


Charlemange went past others till two centuries more 

Reformation began with luther’s theses nailed to the door 


We’ll have brats alongside pumpkin cornbread and baked beans

Enjoy the whole fare, by all means

Keep composed if you have a fever 

This metal can keep you from god’s acre


Don’t die floating long on the town’s edge 

All these multiple rhymes can put you on a ledge 


 If you nab the pin, you’ll surely howl 

If it’s someone else, you’ll immaturely scowl


Don’t say to the finder i am in awe you 

Great shame; we won’t have pumpkin strudel 


Drum roll: real kuhl phil and nestle as well

Das polizei, feuerwehr, wasseramt or schelle? 


Share the searching with a good friend 

Now two clue sets may help you in the end