Changes likely are coming soon to Pekin’s ordinances that deal with tenants whose behavior brings police attention and landlords who don’t solve those problems themselves.

Those issues have been governed for the past three years by the city’s Crime Free Housing and Chronic Nuisance ordinances. Both are expected to be revised in the near future, Public Information Officer Billie Ingles said Wednesday.

Landlords and property managers will hear details of the changes and discuss them with Police Department officials at two meetings next month, Ingles said.

The meetings will take place at 5 p.m. on Sept. 11 and 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 14. Both will be held at the Pekin Public Library.

Police Chief John Dossey, whom Ingles said has been working on updating the ordinances for City Council review, was not available Wednesday to comment on the revisions.

Dossey also will present a proposal to the council for a Rental Residential Housing Code, Ingles said. Its details also have yet to be revealed.

The Council in 2014 passed ordinances empowering landlords with discretion in how to deal with tenants and visitors who commit crimes or cause “chronic” problems on their properties that require repeated police response.

The laws detail crimes for which tenants can be evicted but give landlords leeway to deal with tenants in cases of minor offenses that prompt designation of the property as a chronic nuisance.

If a landlord does not deal with an issue through eviction or other means, he or she can be fined $250 to $750 per housing unit per day until the issue is addressed. The city can revoke or suspend a landlord’s license to operate rental property and ban rent collection. Landlords can appeal nuisance designations to the city hearing officer.

Ingles said the police department is asking landlords and property managers to notify the department if they plan to attend either of the two September meetings. They can do so with an email to

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