BELLEVUE — A woman called police for assistance in moving out after discovering a roommate had been rummaging through her underwear, according to a Peoria County Sheriff's Office report.

The woman, 18, had been living with two men and another woman in Bellevue. She called the sheriff's office Sunday morning and said "she did not feel safe" living with one of the male roommates, the report stated. She said the male roommate had made "sexual comments" about her in the presence of the others, who confirmed her account, police said.

She also said the male roommate had done "inappropriate things like sniffing (her) underwear," the report stated. The other female roommate said she'd caught him rummaging through the 18-year-old's underwear, the report stated. The other female roommate said he also stuffs women's undergarments inside a futon cushion. according to the report.

The 18-year-old asked the deputy to stand by and "keep the peace" as she removed belongings from the residence. Apparently, the male roommate did not show up as she packed.

The deputy stated in the report, "It should be noted that while I was there, (she) unzipped the futon cushion and found a pair of her underwear and (a) bra inside."

After the 18-year-old removed her belongings, she asked that the deputy document the matter "for future incidents and court purposes," the report stated.