WASHINGTON — Starting next month, The Blend will start selling drinks out of Washington’s LeBakery, along with new products by LeBakery.

The move comes after Blend owner Yvonne Andresen contacted LeBakery owner Debb Robbins about a partnership with the bakery, located at 140 Washington Square.

“I really wanted to have a presence on the square,” Andresen said. The Blend menu at LeBakery will be a little smaller than the original location’s menu, but it will have an espresso machine. Specialty items that require making anything from scratch won't be offered on the square. 

Robbins is also revamping her storefront with the coming partnership.

“Offering coffee and the things that go great with coffee,” Robbins said. “The marriage of the two is a wonderful thing. Some of the changes we will be offering is more pre-packaged type items like our banana nut bread.  Pre-packaged jumbo chocolate chip cookies as well as jams, olive oils and seasoning to promote our bread that come fresh from the Peoria location.”

The change will occur in mid-August.

Robbins said she also wants to host tasting days for her new products as a way to promote traffic at the Washington Square.