A woman reported being shot at earlier this week in South Peoria, according to police. She also was wounded, but not by gunfire.

The alleged incident took place about 4 a.m. Monday in the 1000 block of West Adrian G. Hinton Avenue, a Peoria Police Department report stated.

The woman and a female friend had spent the evening at a Downtown restaurant and bar, where they played its video-gambling terminals. The women told police they won money but declined to say how much.

The victim parked in front of a house on Hinton Avenue, then exited her vehicle to retrieve clothes from the trunk, the report stated.

When she opened the trunk, a gun-carrying man approached her and fired a shot. The victim fell and cut her hand on the pavement, but a bullet didn't strike her, according to the report.

The suspect and an accomplice then ran to the north.

Officers found small amounts of blood inside and near the vehicle, as well as a shell casing. No bullet strikes were located on the vehicle or in the surrounding area.

No property was taken from either woman, the report stated. Paramedics treated the injured woman.