PEORIA - No new test results were added to the Tri-County Area’s daily COVID-19 count on Monday because of a delay in reporting.

"We ask agencies to submit their data at 11:30 in the morning so we can get it from all the various sources. We had a batch of results that came in afterwards," said Monica Hendrickson during the daily COVID-19 press briefing Monday afternoon. "I would strongly advise, though, do not misinterpret this… We did get an additional batch of test results and we do know there are positives, and so this number will change drastically tomorrow."

In her continued effort to explain how the data is helping health officials understand how COVID-19 is affecting central Illinois, Hendrickson combined data listed separately on each of the Tri-County’s three health department websites.

"For the Tri-County as a whole, 56% of our Tri-County cases are considered recovered, 30% are at home and isolating, and 9% of Tri-County cases are currently hospitalized."

The fact that more than 50% of Tri-County COVID-19 cases are now recovered is a good thing, but questions remain, said Hendrickson.

"I think it tells us that, one, the majority of individuals will recover from this virus… but I think what we are still waiting to understand more from a global side, once I have recovered from this virus, can I get ill again? And that’s still a question mark. We’re still learning more about it. And that’s why we want to continue to do the good work to slow the transmission of the virus."

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