Washington senior Josie Morgan begins her final postseason for Washington as a four-year varsity basketball player. Despite being 5-foot-2, Morgan is a creative player that makes her effective on the court.

The Panthers have won 20 games in her final season.

Journal Star reporter Aaron Ferguson asked Morgan five questions.

1. It’s your fourth year on varsity and it’s coming to a close soon, what will you remember most about your time here?

"Honestly, just my amazing teammates. I feel like if I have an off game or something goes wrong, they’re always there supporting me and it’s just like a big support system. We’re just always there for each other and I thin that’s something I’ll remember most because that reminds me that it’s not just about basketball, it’s outside of basketball also and I think it builds a lot of character."

2. From freshman year to senior year, where have you seen your game grow the most?

"I’ve become a lot more aggressive. Me and coach have talked about this, when I first came in I was mostly "assist everything," and I’ve developed as a player and she’s pushed me to build my scoring game up and that’s shown this year, especially I’ve had to become the main scorer on the team, if not second main scorer. I need to be putting points up on the board, I can’t just be assists. I have to assist and put shots up on the board."

3. What are some of the challenges that your height presents to you?

"To be honest, I don’t have a lot of challenges. Just because I’m short doesn’t make a difference, I just work harder than a lot of people. I jump higher to get rebounds, I box out when I have to; it’s the small things that a lot of people don’t do that benefits me in the long run. I think that’s really great, and even if I have huge girls guarding me I can always dish to my post and I know that they have my back so I’m not worried about it."

4. As a multi-sport athlete, which sport (soccer or basketball) do you like better, and why?

"I love both sports, but I’m going to have to say I’ve always loved basketball more. It’s just always had my heart. When I played it as a little kid, I would always shoot hoops with my parents outside and I always had one of those Little Tikes hoops in my living room that I’d shoot on and I’d be watching Space Jam; I’ve just always loved it and it’s always been my passion."

5. What are you involved in outside of school?

"Outside of school, my main thing I’m involved with is an organization called WyldLife, which is a youth ministry organization. It is a youth ministry organization for seventh- and eighth-graders. It is a branch off of YoungLife, which is high school ministry-type stuff. I’m a leader for (WyldLife) and I have an amazing group of eighth grade girls where we have club every Sunday, have fun with them growing their faith and also build relationships with them to help them as they get older and grow up and start going through different stages of their lives."