Stuckey nominated for national award

Justin Miller TimesNewspapers
Norma Stuckey, left, sits with her husband Keith.

One woman in Morton is being recognized for her helping hand.

Norma Stuckey was nominated for the Salute to Senior Service Contest by friend Denise Wraight.

“I didn’t know anything about it until sometime in February or March,” Wraight said. “They were on one of the early morning shows talking about it and asking people to nominate people for it.

“I thought of Norma because she’s a pretty awesome lady. I thought I’d go on the Internet site and nominate her. I also thought it was a local award and didn’t know it was a national thing until I got on their website.”

Stuckey said she was surprised by the nomination.

“Denise said to me, ‘Oh, by the way I need to tell you this and then she said she nominated me for this award,’” Stuckey said. “I told her, ‘Oh, Denise, I wish you hadn’t. I don’t need the attention.’”

Her work, Stuckey said, is also her passion.

“I am a nurse and I just love serving people and taking care of people,” Stuckey said. “I love seeing them get better and move on. If I can bring a little joy into their life, I just enjoy doing that. It’s just me. It’s something I was called to do.”

The contest is sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care and will announce the state winners June 9 and the national winner June 30.

“I went to Trinity Mennonite Church for about 15 years and that’s how I met her,” Wraight said. “She is just a wonderful person.”

Stuckey, Wraight said, does not pass up a chance to help someone in need.

“She helps everybody all the time,” Wraight said. “She is a senior herself and goes around to a lot of the seniors and senior shut-ins to visit them. She is a retired nurse and goes to see if they need any help with their pills or anything.

“She makes sure that cards get sent to them on a regular basis to make sure that they are remembered that way.”

On a personal level, Wraight said she has benefited from Stuckey’s kindness.

“I have had a traumatic past few years,” Wraight said. “My mom is dead and she was just like a mom to me. She is like that to everyone.

She is real genuine and she just does everything. I don’t know where to begin telling all the things she does.

If anybody has any kind of a need, especially if they are a senior, like a cane or wheelchair or something they can’t afford, then she tries to find a way to get that for them.”

After working as a nurse for her professional life, Stuckey said volunteer work was the logical next step.

“I worked at Methodist for 37 years in labor and delivery,” Stuckey said. “When I retired, I thought, ‘Now what?’ The Lord just gave me the opportunity to serve another generation rather than a new generation.”

With all Stuckey does for the community, Wraight said it is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Those are just the things I know she does,” Wraight said. “There are a million things behind the scenes that she does. She does it because she loves people and loves the Lord.”

Stuckey, on the other hand, does not think twice about her volunteer work.

“I asked her what this is all about because I feel like I don’t do anything,” Stuckey said. “I never expected it or thought anything about what I do. It’s my life and the way I serve the Lord. I just enjoy what I do.”