Today in Morton - Feb. 13

Nathan Domenighini

Pumpkin Festival special section/TimesNewspapers garner Illinois Press Association awards

This news just in from our publishers, Beth Gehrt and Linda Smith Brown:

"I'm sending out a big congratulations to the Creative Department and our designers here at TimesNewspapers. Today we've been informed by the Illinois Press Association that numerous design awards have been bestowed on our team.

Specifically, in the category of Special Sections, we won for last fall's Family Matters (Lynne Johnson, designer) and Pumpkin Festival (Nathan Domenighini, designer)

In the category Best Full Page Ad, we won for the East Peoria Girls Cross Country (Dave Blackford, designer)

Best House ad - the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin's 125th Anniversary (Dave Blackford, designer)

Best Small Ad - Apple Blossom Farm - (Jeni Regan, designer)

Best Holiday Ad - Enchanted Floral (Dave Blackford, designer)

Best ad, less than full page: Pumpkin Place Ltd. (Mike Mehl, designer); Bella's Salon (Mike Mehl, designer), Remax Realtors (Mike Mehl, designer)

We don't know yet where these entries placed, as far as 1st, 2nd or 3rd. That will be announced at the IPA's annual Advertising and Marketing Conference on March 6."

 BSS first graders celebrate Lincoln's birthday

Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday is today. And, to honor one of the nation's greatest presidents, students throughout Morton are celebrating.

I got to enjoy an hour with two classes of first graders this morning at Blessed Sacrament School in Morton.

It is very interesting to see how fascinated children are by Lincoln. I am not surprised at all, however, I remember celebrating Lincoln's birthday in school and hearing impersonators tell stories about his history. It was always a fun experience.

For the first graders at BSS, it seemed equally as entertaining.

Each of the students designed their own Lincoln hats with paper plates and construction paper. They seemed thrilled to wear them today as they celebrated.

Each student wrote brief essays about honesty that they kept in their hats before reading.

The children circled in a group and answered questions about Lincoln from what they learned leading up to today's celebration.

The students shared a large cake baked by teacher Rita McCarthy.

A video is posted below showing the students singing happy birthday to Honest Abe.

Business plan workshop Feb. 17

In today's economy, finding a job will be difficult ... all the more reason to consider starting your own business! Morton Community Bank is hosting a business plan workshop Feb. 17. The program is free...

Click the link below to learn more.