Village agrees on land

Nathan Domenighini

The village of Morton settled with two families regarding Courtland Street extension right-of-ways Monday night, following a closed-session meeting at Freedom Hall.

Trustees voted unanimously to enter into agreements with the Ackerman and Wiedman families to purchase several acres of land for the purpose of extending Courtland Street east to connect with Harding Road.

The village agreed with the Ackerman family to pay $22,000 per acre for a 3.221-acre tract that will extend from Courtland and North Main streets and meet with Harding Road.

In addition, the village will pay $10,000 for the purchase of one acre of William and Cynthia Wiedman’s land meeting with Harding Road, which is located east of North Main Street.

The effort to accomplish the land acquisition took about seven years, Morton Mayor Norm Durflinger said, adding his thanks to both families.

“This will be a major east/west thoroughfare,” he said.

Durflinger said he hopes the extension will offer a prime route for the proposed Eastern Bypass in the future.

He also said the village will be able to pursue adding bike trails along the purchased corridors to potentially connect with the Boomington/Normal bike trail

Other business

• Village trustees approved a $2,500 grant, which will go toward the second annual Bradley University Women’s Club Soccer Tournament to be hosted at McClallen Park April 17 and 18.

Since last year, the tournament grew from four teams to 12 teams.

Bradley women’s soccer coach Mark Whitlock said it is possible future tournaments could reach up to 20 teams, which would tie the tournament with the largest women’s soccer club invitational in the nation.