Today in Morton - March 5

Nathan Domenighini
Sen. Dan Rutherford (R-53rd District) is advancing legislation to rename a current law after Michelle Eppel, a victims’ rights advocate. Shown in the photo are Michelle Eppel and Sen. Rutherford as they testify before the Senate’s Criminal Law committee.

Pumpkin Festival special section takes first

The Morton Times-News' 2008 Pumpkin Festival special section was awarded first place in the "Best Annual Special Section" category in Division A at the annual Illinois Press Association Advertising Contest at the Pierre Marquette in Peoria Friday.

The special section is an annual publication that is printed each year prior to Morton's annual Pumpkin Festival. It highlights the events during the Pumpkin Festival, includes stories regarding the event and places a special focus on the village of Morton. The 2008 section, developed and designed by Morton Times-News editor Nathan Domenighini, was a 56-page publication, one of the largest ever created at TimesNewspapers.

TimesNewspapers account executive Mike Mehl also garnered three awards for best ads, including first place for an ad that was also published in the Pumpkin Festival special section. Mehl took first, second and third for three separate ads in that category.

Have you hugged a robot today?

This is not local, but I had to share this with everyone considering its humorous and slightly frightening value.

Apparently, this robot programmed to simulate human emotions got a little too emotional and gave one of the world's biggest hugs.

Read this:

Rutherford update: Michelle Eppel law

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Senator Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac) offered the following comments on Senate Bill 1429 which will rename a current state law after Michelle Eppel, a victim rights advocate.

“Michelle Eppel is a dedicated individual, who has spent many years working on victims’ rights,” Rutherford said. “I believe this is a fitting tribute to Michelle’s tireless advocacy on behalf of individuals that have been affected by violent crimes.”

Rutherford’s legislation renames a 2005 law, which requires offenders to pay for the victim’s long term health care costs.

Senate Bill 1429 passed the Senate’s Criminal Law committee on March 5. The legislation still needs the approval of the full Senate, House of Representatives and Governor, before it can become law.

Mayor assumes District 150 role

Here is some news for you regarding Morton Mayor Norm Durflinger and his assuming the role of interim treasurer for District 150...


New Feature: Editor's Twitter

Do you know what Twitter is?

I didn't until yesterday when I decided to take a look. Now, I use it as a new feature in Today in Morton. Why? Because it is genius — pure genius.

Twitter allows me to send brief text messages from my cell phone throughout the day that are posted live. The messages are brief, limited to 140 characters.

With this, I can tell readers where I am, what I am doing or what just happened.

For example, imagine if there was an accident on Interstate 74 that caused a traffic backup. If I noticed it, or someone else reports it to me, I can send a text message from my cell phone to Twitter alerting readers to the situation.

Pretty cool, huh? Even better, you can create a Twitter account, too! If anyone reading this already has one, let me know. I am curious how many residents are privy to this social networking tool.