Logo contest begins

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News
The 2010 Morton Pumpkin Festival is Sept. 15 through 18.

The Morton Chamber of Commerce announced “Pumpkin Splash” as the 2010 Morton Pumpkin Festival theme last weekend.

“The Pumpkin Splash theme is in honor of the new Morton Pool opening Memorial Day weekend,” said Allison Vershaw, program coordinator for the Morton Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber invites the public to submit artwork to be considered for use as the official 2010 theme logo. The logo will be used in publications, promotions and merchandising for the 44th annual Morton Pumpkin Festival, which is Sept. 15 through 18.

The artwork must have pumpkins clearly represented, the words “Pumpkin Splash” clearly displayed and the artist’s signature.

“Our goal is to surpass the 20 entries we received last year,” said Vershaw.  “And, with the excitement surrounding this new pool, I believe that is attainable.”

Artwork must be submitted to the Morton Chamber of Commerce office no later than 5 p.m. Feb. 26. There is no fee to enter. 

Art submissions must be color, no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches, and be submitted in hard copy. Electronic submissions will be accepted, but only when accompanied by a hard copy. Electronic submissions may be delivered on CD ROM, DVD ROM, or USB thumbdrive, and in .pdf, .tif, .eps, .ia, .psd, or .jpg file formats for PC. 

Each entry must be accompanied by a signed artist release form. Artists younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the release form.

Entry forms may be picked up at the Morton Chamber of Commerce, 415 W. Jefferson in Morton. A downloadable PDF entry form is also available at the Morton Chamber of Commerce Web site www.mortonchamber.org.