Nursing students teach MHS students at health fair

Carol Jankowski
Morton High School students, from left, Trysten Florey, Grace Brennan and Hannah Bailey, participate in an object lesson during a health fair at Morton High School last week. They tried to push down ping pong balls in water to show how difficult it can be to manage stress and anxiety.

Students were learning from students last week at a health fair at Morton High School.

Students in the OSF  Saint Francis College of Nursing were completing a community health rotation as part of their nursing curriculum and students from health classes at MHS attended the event in the lobby of the Bertha Frank Performing Arts Center.

“They did a good measure of work before they walked in here,” Peggy Jakques, an instructor at OSF Saint Francis College of Nursing, said about her students.

The nursing students conducted a survey with the health students prior to coming to MHS.

That survey helped them determine areas they would cover. The nursing students then created booths for the MHS students to attend.

“This project gets them out of the hospital and into the community to see what’s going on in people’s lives,” Jakques said.

The nursing students had four areas of emphasis — personal safety, substance abuse, food/nutrition/exercise and mental health.

The content is not new to the MHS health students but it was presented in a new way.

“It’s nothing different than what we cover but it’s nice to have someone else come in and give us a different angle on the same perspective,” Darren Hurst, health and physical education teacher at MHS, said.

Jakques said her students wanted to reach as many people as possible through this required part of their community health project. By coming to MHS, they were able to accomplish that.

The nursing students will also conduct another survey to see if the students were impacted by the information that was presented.