Morton Wal-Mart evacuated

Nathan Domenighini

Customers stood outside the Morton Wal-Mart Sunday evening wondering what was happening.

At about 8:30 p.m., the store was evacuated as Morton police secured the premises.

Details about the events Sunday night are slim.

One customer standing in the parking lot said she thought there was some kind of threat.

When she asked one of the employees using a communication radio outside what was going on, she said she was given a dirty look and told to stay back.

Another witness reported a conversation with one of the employees pushing carts outside.

When asked what was happening, the employee said someone left a threatening message on a laptop inside the store — something along the lines of blowing up the store.

None of this information was confirmed by the police department, the local store or corporate headquarters.

“Because the safety and security of our customers and associates is our top priority, we take every threat seriously and follow the guidance of law enforcement,” Wal-Mart corporate spokesman Phillip Keene said.

“On the advice of the police, the Morton store was closed last night for approximately 20 minutes,” he added.

“We are currently working with the local authorities on their investigation of the matter, so, as to not impede an ongoing investigation, any further comments would be best served coming from them,” Keene said.

Morton Police Chief Nick Graff would not release any details regarding the incident.

“We got a call,” Graff said.

Whatever the call was, it prompted the store to evacuate all its customers.

After re-opening its doors about 20 minutes later following the incident, customers continued to shop at Wal-Mart.

Other customers said they thought a bomb threat occurred, though none were able to confirm what happened.

Employees at the store were also evacuated.