Morton heavy rescue returns

Staff reports

The Morton Fire Department’s heavy rescue unit returned from a refurbishing stint at Alexis Fire Equipment in Alexis last week. The former unit’s chassis was completely replaced for about $270,000, which is about $200,000 less than the cost of purchasing a new unit, Morton Fire Chief Joe Kelley said. The revamped unit, originally built in 1985, is considered a “big tool box” by fire and rescue personnel, Kelley said.  It comes equipped with air bags that can lift several tons of weight. The jaws of life can be easily removed from one of the unit’s cabinets. The unit also comes equipped with a 25-kilowatt generator, which provides fire support, electrical support and can be used to fill empty air tanks. The truck’s cab can seat up to six passengers, as opposed to just two prior to its refurbishing. The unit was displayed last week at a fire show in Peoria.