Morton man shot in Peoria

Nathan Domenighini

A Morton man ended up with a gunshot wound in his upper left arm after a shooting that occured in Peoria Sunday.

Nicholas Flatt, 32, of 374 W. Forestwood, reported being shot at 8:20 p.m. Sunday while sitting in the kitchen at 2212 W. Wiswall in Peoria, according to a Peoria Police Department report.

Flatt said he was sitting in the kitchen when he heard what sounded like a machine gun, the report stated.

Jamal D. Ross, 25, of 2212 W. Wiswall, was also found shot in the leg.

Peoria Police Department public information officer Doug Burgess said very little information was obtained from the victims when police arrived.

"Everyone had very little information," Burgess said. "They just weren't willing to cooperate.

"Whether that's because they don't know anything or they just don't want to talk, (we) don't know," he added.

A detective has been assigned to investigate the incident, but no further details were available.