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Morton Times-News

Many thanks to the Morton Times-News for providing space for the series “Know your local history,” and I’d like to thank the reading public for participating.

Our focus will remain on people who, through their hard work and efforts, built this town.

Government grants, stimuli money, food stamps and subsidies were unheard of when these folks created wealth.

Many came from Germany or German speaking countries. I consider it an honor to put the spotlight on these people who, through their hard work and efforts, created wealth.

To create wealth they had to pay all sorts of taxes, income, payroll, real estate (I am not sure I can rattle them all off), and make payroll to give working folks a chance to save, invest and innovate so that they too can accumulate wealth and better themselves.

Unfortunately, the focus today is elsewhere. There is such income inadequacies that we have more laws to protect us from ourselves and dole out exuberant subsidies, most of which go to non-producers.

The current ACA debacle will most likely be overshadowed by another far-reaching debacle, that of immigration reform which is coming our way.

As an 18-year-old farm boy in Germany, I applied to the American Consul General in Hamburg Germany for an immigration visa. But before it was issued I had to renounce my German Citizenship, swear that I learned English, that I would never come to the government for welfare and that I would serve in the military.

I have done all these things and for the life of me I cannot find a living person that remembers that such law existed or better who done away with it.

If it were still on the books we would not have an immigration problem.

History has always fascinated me, especially of the producers that accomplished something.

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Rudy Heusuk