Army Chinook visits for Veterans Day

Dylan Polk TimesNewspapers
A Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter was on display at the Morton VFW in honor of Veterans Day. Morton residents and others from the area were able to get inside the helicopter.

MORTON — For some, seeing the work of veterans on display presents a better understanding of the work of servicemen and women.

Morton residents got that opportunity on Veterans Day, touring a Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter on display at the Morton VFW Post 5921.

The Chinook, a tandem rotor heavy-lift, was flown in by members of the Army National Guard, who said the helicopter is occassionally displayed in order to educate residents not only on the equipment used by veterans, but also the work done by U.S. armed forces members.

Residents were invited to walk into the helicopter, getting up-close looks inside the cockpit and fuselage.

According to Lt. Col. C.J. Pulcher, the aircraft displayed in Morton has been in service for the last 14 years, most recently being used during deployments in 2013 to Afghanistan.

“The Chinook has been the primary, go-to air-assault vehicle, transport vehicle just because of the altitudes and the temperatures we operate at in Afghanistan,” Pulcher said.

VFW Commander Jerry Davis said the Chinook had been displayed in 2013 at the Morton VFW. Though turnouts are usually “pretty good,” Davis weather concerns had bumped the static display up.

“We had a little weather issues this year and had to change our schedule a bit, but it seems they’ve been steady all day,” Davis said. “We’ve had quite a few people through. That’s kind of our objective: Just letting people know what the men and women do, and a chance to see some of their equipment.”

Davis said when he sees members of the public not only learning about the equipment, but thanking active military members for their service, the display then truly brings out the purpose of the holiday.

“It’s always good. That’s the purpose of Veterans Day,” Davis said. “It’s always good to see.”