A lot of talk, little action

Nathan Domenighini

Several influential people voiced a concern to the Morton Times-News

regarding support from residents in town.

This was out of the ordinary, because, usually, these individuals are less

inclined to complain.

Perhaps they are getting burned out.

We do not blame them.

Those keeping up with the village’s plans for economic development have

been more than happy to voice their opinions and feedback. But, few, if

any, actually make an effort to help.

One of the volunteers we spoke with asked what would happen if all the

regular volunteers just stopped sacrificing their time.

That is a good question.

The Morton Chamber of Commerce used to have a motto., something along the

lines of, “We do what many think just happens.”

It seems that theme carries to more groups and organizations than just the


There are about 100 volunteers in town who can be seen almost at every

event in Morton. Many of them are mothers, fathers, grandparents and

business owners. There is no doubt, these are busy people — yet, they

still take the time out of their schedules to improve Morton.

These residents are the ones who do what many think just happens.

These people sacrifice watching their favorite television shows, going to

their children’s sporting events and other activities for us. As far as we

can see, there has not been much appreciation on the other side of the


Some are quick to criticize the village’s comprehensive plan. Others

complained about Punkin’ Chuckin’ being cancelled.

But, guess who stepped up to the plate? — the familiar volunteers, not the


People were just happy to see it was back.

That was it. Few helped, few donated money, some did not even go.

The only people there were the volunteers this newspaper speaks with on a

weekly basis — the “familiar 100,” if you will.

This is unfortunate, especially for those who dedicate their time and

energy to events tirelessly, until they burn out.

Some residents need to quit complaining and become a part of these efforts.

If we want to complain, we better participate.