Pyles deserves recognition from entire community

Times-News editorial board

It finally happened.

Questions kept arising — when will Susan Pyles ever be recognized for her involvement in the community?

Some people started wondering why it had not happened already.

Well, Pyles is now the 2009 Distinguished Service Award winner. And, there is NOBODY in the community that deserves it any more than she does.

When Pyles moved to Morton about 26 years ago, there was no telling what type of an effect she would have in Morton. Then, she was an average resident still learning the roots of the pumpkin capital of the world.

But, even before she moved to Morton, Pyles was involved in Peoria. She helped raise funds with the Crisis Nursery, which her husband, Don, said probably made her the giving spirit she is today.

As was mentioned in the introduction speech given by Jean Ann Honegger Saturday night, Pyles makes things happen while everybody thinks it just happens.

She is a behind-the-scenes person. She never looks for gratitude. She always looks for ways to improve the community — a community she may love more than anyone else.

Not to mention, she is a lot of fun. Her attitude exceeds that of a typical event planner.

If there is an event going on in Morton, it is more than likely that Pyles is part of the planning.

Downtown was beautiful last summer because of Pyles. Punkin Chuckin' was revived because of her. The Pumpkin Festival improved because of her. Indeed, the entire community has benefited from her presence.

While the award from the Morton Chamber of Commerce is certainly an honor, this entire community owes Pyles a huge thanks.

She is the definition of a volunteer.

Through countless hours of dedication, hard work and sleeplessness, Pyles has built an appealing foundation for the village to grow, not only aesthetically, but financially.

She deserves the entire village's support. And, when she knocks on our doors for assistance, we all better be willing to offer our help.

Congratulations, Susan Pyles.