The importance of our Web site

Times-News editorial board

For the first time, weekly publications have the means to report the news on a day-to-day basis.

For many years, weekly publications, such as this one, provided full-scope news stories that offered a different and more local angle than what was reported in the daily publications.

Still, if our readers wanted to know what was going on today, they could not find out until Wednesday.

The Internet has become this weekly newspaper’s best friend — a forum to post news as it happens, or immediately after it happens.

It took us a while to adjust to using the Web. We started in March last year, and our improved site is quickly approaching the one-year mark.

It seems we have found a niche that works for us and our readers, without detracting from the importance of the weekly publication.

What initially began as a small, rarely posted blog called “Speak EZ,” has now transformed into “Today in Morton,” a forum to read news that happens today.

While the purpose of the new online feature is not to deliver full stories, we certainly feel “Today in Morton” offers the most important facts.

Our Web site was not created to compete with our publication. In fact, the two entities complement each other nicely.

Readers can find the entire stories in the weekly publication and travel to our Web site for additional information, media and conversation.

Not all the news we post in “Today in Morton” makes the paper. However, most of what is reported on our Web site consists of facts and information that is pertinent to our weekly stories — but so much more.

“Today in Morton” is the first Web site in Morton to deliver breaking news the day it happens. It is the first Web site in Morton to offer residents a chance to participate. It has also become one of the first sites Mortonites visit on a daily basis.

We noticed the strength of the feature by paying attention to our Web site traffic statistics. The majority of visitors who visit our Web site click on the “Today in Morton” feature before leaving for another Web site.

This instantly showed us that readers are interested. Now, we can take advantage of that popularity to provide information and news in a forum many are already visiting.

We are comfortable providing information on a daily basis. In fact, the staff of this newspaper was just waiting for the proper venue.

We have it now, and it seems our readers enjoy it.

Add our site to your bookmarks. Share our stories with your families in different states. Most importantly, do not underestimate the importance of using our Web site.