Fireworks draw impressive crowds

Times-News editorial board

It might take about 45 minutes to finally get out, but the time spent working to leave the Morton Veterans of Foreign Wars fireworks venue was well worth the entertainment value July 3.

Each year, the fireworks show draws more and more people, adding to an already sizable crowd in Morton. It is, perhaps, the biggest one-day attraction in Morton. And, the more than 100 volunteers and organizers deserve a huge thank you from the community.

For its location, 2310 Veterans Road, space is rather limited for parking. One would have to show up hours early to get a prime parking spot. Otherwise, the best option is to find a spot in the residential areas surrounding the venue.

Which brings another honorable mention — the residents who sacrifice their ability to leave by vehicle during and after the fireworks show. The surrounding subdivisions were loaded with cars this year, and it came with few, if any, complaints from those residents. With that said, they deserve some oversight from the village when the fireworks take place during next year’s event.

But, what is more important is the untapped revenue source that is getting a free show.

Perhaps, a money-making idea to help the tourism department capitalize on such a large flow of traffic is necessary.

A shuttle service to and from the event would be ideal, and something guests would more than likely be willing to drop some change on in order to avoid the headaches of traffic.

Whether this is done through the village of Morton or the Morton VFW, it is certainly worth exploring. Those who travel to see the fireworks on an annual basis are undoubtedly aware of the traffic jams that ensue.

In fact, why not go a step further. Morton businesses could offer their parking lots for a small fee and offer a shuttle service to and from the event.

Morton VFW fireworks will continue to draw enormous numbers of onlookers as long as the weather cooperates. With shuttle services, the entire village can benefit from the event.