Time is now for a revolution

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

The issue The electorate has signaled they are tired of hoping for change.

What we think Voting in new representatives is easy. The hard work follows election day and the burden of change cannot be borne by elected officials alone.

President Obama in a post election day press conference admitted Democrats took a “shellacking” at the polls. Tazewell County voters overwhelmingly helped take Democrats to the political wood shed.

It is safe to say a good number of voters here cast their votes with conviction, not just out of blind party loyalty. They wanted to send the current administration a message that they are tired of hoping for change.

What the president said was that he takes “direct responsibility” for the frustration voters feel, particularly on the economy. But, Obama said he refuses to acknowledge the GOP’s gains signal rejection of his administration’s policies.

Perhaps the president is correct. He may be right when he says the GOP’s gains are an indication voters are fed up with ineffective policies and a failure to bring about change in Washington’s mindset.

Hopefully, the electorate with the message sent on Election Day, will bring about the change they are demanding. If the electorate does not continue to hammer the message of change home by calling, e-mailing and writing to our elected officials the blame for continued failure will not be the president’s alone.

It is very easy to fall into a mindset of “What can I do?” or “I don’t know what to do.”

Changing a system that has come to embrace all that is wrong with politics — narcissism, narrow-minded positions, ferocious partisanship and forgetting who put one in office — is not easy. Election Day is the starting gun of the process of change, and not just for the elected officials. The electorate is part of that team.

We now have change. All sides have work to do to bring about effective change. “I’ve been willing to compromise in the past, and I’ll be willing to compromise going forward,” the president said. He has said that before and his words ring hollow. To bring some concrete to Obama’s words is going to require the electorate becoming engaged and staying engaged.

This can be the start of a new long overdue American revolution. The easy work of voting is done. The heavy lifting starts from here forward.