Letters to the Editor: May 1 Edition

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

Eastern Bypass a necessity

We, in central Illinois, have seen the economic growth that was created with the construction of the interstate system.

We have to look no further than the development that has taken place along the I-74/I-174 -Rte. 6/Rte. 24 bypass system.

However, what would be one of the most important drivers in the continued economic development of our area, the Eastern Bypass, has been placed on the back burner for far too long.

The Eastern Bypass is not a luxury, it is an economic necessity if we are to remain competitive on the local, state and national scene.

However, we must have the support of our elected officials in Washington, D.C., and Springfield to move the Eastern Bypass onto the front burner where it belongs and to continue to move the project forward.

The Excell Foundry project is a perfect example of what can happen when our local, state and national elected officials sit down together and developed an infrastructure program.

That cooperation helped keep an important manufacturing operation here and made it possible for that company to expand and add 100 much-needed manufacturing jobs.

It was no accident that this happened. It was the co-operation at all levels of government from the township road commissioner to our congressman that made this happen.

Now, we must let our elected officials in Washington, D.C., and Springfield know that the Eastern Bypass is a crucial infrastructure need that must be given top priority.

Mel Stanford

District Three

Tazewell County Board

Electric company calling residents

There have been reports of at least one company soliciting residents by phone using misleading marketing tactics to secure residential contracts in central Illinois.

These companies are not affiliated with the Village of Morton’s Electrical Aggregation Program, the current supplier Homefield Energy or the energy management consultant Good Energy.

These alternative energy providers are trying to lure residents, who are already benefitting from unparalleled savings, into less lucrative deals that may appear better in the short-term.

The companies have been reported to pressure residents to supply their Ameren billing information and respond very negatively when questioned.

Residents should be aware that neither Homefield Energy nor Good Energy will be contacting residents directly by phone.

Wendy Ferrill

Village Administrator

Support to keep ban on video gaming in village

I was born and raised in Morton.

After college I moved to Arizona and then came back to Morton nine years ago.

Frank Sarver and I were the ones who first approached the Village Board asking that video gambling be banned as allowed by state law.

The ban passed unanimously by those present and voting. Steve Newhouse was not present. However, in answer to my question on the subject when running for mayor, he stated: “I supported the ban on gambling, although I was gone at the time of the vote.”

His answers are at http://christiangunslinger7.blogspot.com.

 I was the last one to testify in favor of the ban.

I pointed out that the law is state-sanctioned stealing.

The law allows each machine to be calibrated to provide profit of up to 20 percent of all the money played for the life of the machine.

 If one person played one machine calibrated at 20 percent for the life of the machine, that person would lose 20 percent of the money played.

Do the citizens of Morton really want to be involved in legalized theft?

I see no reason to reconsider approving state sanctioned stealing.

Isn’t the state corrupt enough already?

Don L. Vance

Morton resident