Letters to the editor: Feb. 12, 2014

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

Gambling needs to be allowed for all, not some

Tonight, my husband, kids and I went to Schooners Morton for dinner.

We usually try to do this once or twice a week, as that’s about the only time we are able to see my mom and the kids their grandma, with all the hours she puts in there.

There were two tables in the banquet room filled with stuffed animals, candy, hats, shirts, glasses, drinks, gift certificates, etc.

When we asked what all of this was for, my mom (Marie), replied that she was putting together baskets for a church fundraiser.

I’m not sure people truly realize all that these establishments do to give back to the community, including all that Brass Bull does for Lincoln School and Red Rock for Relay for Life.

Yet, they’re not allowed to benefit from video gaming, while the rest of the community can benefit from gambling.

While I am glad that churches, schools and organizations can continue to do these things, fair is fair!

Tonight, I have a heavy heart for these establishments who are defeated by certain board members and the mayor, yet again.

Jennifer Arendell Underwood

Morton Citizen

District 709 to spend millions

District 709 laying out options to spend millions again.

Option 1 — Build a new seventh-eighth grade school.

It was also noted that the high school would need renovation and new athletic facilities, and the elementary schools would need to accommodate the PE mandate and additional classrooms.

Option 2 — Build a fifth-eighth or sixth-eighth middle school.

Option 3 — Build a new high school with athletic facilities and move the middle school to the high school.

The grade school needs would still have to be met.

To maintain the high school at it’s current location, it is estimated that an additional 244,000 square feet would be needed for more classrooms, a larger library and cafeteria, new auditorium and additional parking.

Other facility needs for the district included:

• Secure campuses for all schools.

• More space is needed for special education programs.

• Add the ability to facilitate all-day kindergarten at all elementary schools as well building new gyms or cafeterias to comply with the PE mandate.

• Additional class room space for all schools.

• Additional science labs and fine arts space at the Morton Junior High School, along with more staff parking.

 • Bigger lunch rooms at MJHS and Morton High School.

A simple solution to this problem would be to give Superintendent Dr. Lindsey Hall $20 million tax free to resign and be forbidden to participate in any Tazewell County school districts in any position.

You would save District 709 approximately $180 million dollars.

Peter F. Yancick

Morton resident