Letters to the editor: Feb. 26, 2014

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

Gameball Run a success

As we put the final wrap-up on our second Gameball Run to benefit Children’s Hospital of Illinois, we want to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s event such a remarkable success. We are humbled by the outpouring of support, participation and generosity in our fundraising efforts. This year’s event raised over $32,800 for Children’s Hospital of Illinois!

To simply say “Thank You” doesn’t really express our gratitude for your partnership and support. Just like in basketball, it takes an entire team effort to get the win. This event is no different and we feel blessed to have such a great team including our local businesses, Morton 709 Schools and all the families and students who helped us!

This year’s event also featured local “Miracle Families” that received care at Children’s Hospital. Each school in District 709 designated a family. These six families shared their personal experiences and illustrated how the hospital impacts our community and the children in our schools. We are so grateful for each of these families.

For the MHS boys’ basketball team, Gameball Run means they can contribute to our community through service. (A message they communicated to the schools during their visits). This is a lesson they will continue to carry with them long after they leave Morton High School - forgetting about the wins and the losses in the record books.

We also want to thank everyone that attended the game on Feb. 7. The Potterdome was packed and the neon yellow Gameball t-shirts made a statement in the stands.

Our Gameball Run Committee and the MHS boys’ basketball team are so appreciative of the leadership and strong philanthropic culture that is present in our schools, homes and throughout our community. Thank you!

Mark your calendars for Gameball Run 2015 scheduled for Feb. 6, 2015!

Coach Jarret Brown

Stacy Litersky and Dana Hobson

Gameball co-chairs