Letters to the Editor: Bernier, Taylor, Hale get support

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

Successful leadership in any organization requires vision, a quality that implies forward thinking and foresight. With these needs in mind, we believe that Michelle Bernier, Tim Taylor, and Ron Hale will best serve the community and students of Morton District 709. A current member of the board, Bernier served as board liaison to 709 Connect, a community effort undertaken to identify district needs and advise the school board on the strengths, weaknesses, and future direction of Morton schools. Also currently on the board, Taylor recognizes the tough realities of some District 709 facilities, especially the inadequacies of the Junior High building. As former President and CEO of TCRC (Tazewell County Resource Center), Ron Hale would bring considerable financial and leadership experience to the board’s decision-making process. While none of the seven candidates supports irresponsible spending, Hale’s successful 15-year direction of a non-profit organization is evidence of his cautious financial approach. 

When the district’s oldest buildings were constructed between the 1920s and 1950s, few people could have anticipated the unprecedented changes in store for modern education: the global technology explosion, the district’s growing responsibility for educating students with special needs, the facility needs necessitated by Title IX programs, changing curriculum requirements, and all-day kindergarten, all challenges now faced by modern school districts. Kudos to past leaders and community members who recognized that building for the present requires eyes towards the future, since they probably had financial and curriculum concerns as well. We owe our children – and the communities of Morton and Groveland – that same foresight, because strong schools encourage economic growth and stable communities.

Remember to vote on April 7!

Karen and Ken Harrell