Letters to the Editor: Bush endorses Beaty, Applen

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

In Wednesday’s Morton-Times I will run an ad endorsing Dr. Beaty and Mr. Applen for the Dist. 709 School Board. I fully expect to be attacked by the usual teachers’ union mouthpieces and the Dunlap wannabes. I stand ready to defend everything I will say in the ad. To those who will whine about the “truth’ I suggest that they speak to Dr. Hall and their friends presently on the Board. The truth can be easily determined if only Dr. Hall and the Board would quit hiding behind misinterpretations of the FOIA law and misuse of the “closed meeting” provisions of the Open Meetings Act. At least 50% of all FOIA requests are summarily denied by Dr. Hall. On those rare occasions when she “grants” a FOIA request, she redacts whatever she chooses from the documents without explanation. The 709-Yordy Trust transaction is concluded and the Board is at least a year away from letting bids for the new high school.

There is absolutely no valid or lawful reason to maintain any secrecy with respect to documents and Board discussions which pertain to these matters. Conveniently, no verbatim transcripts are kept for “closed meetings”. So when and if the Board ultimately “opens” these meetings, the only thing released are saccharine written minutes which merely set forth the topics allegedly discussed. The public never really knows what was actually discussed or what the Board members said in a “closed meeting”.

Dr. Hall and some Board members are determined to hurriedly construct a new high school, and the residents be damned! To do so they are closely following the Obama playbook: They know what is best for us; we are too stupid to know what is best for us; and lying and obfuscating are acceptable if necessary to give us what we need. In short, the ends justify the means. Things have reached such a ridiculous level in Morton that three self-proclaimed “conservative” Board candidates were recently endorsed by the local and state teachers’ unions. To my knowledge, no public sector union has ever endorsed a single truly conservative candidate for any office anywhere else in the United States. Either these three candidates need to be immediately hired by Wisc. Gov. Scot Walker or they are not really conservative. You decide.

The saddest thing about the state of affairs in Morton is that most Mortonites, including me, would have supported most of the suggested school improvements, including a new high school. However, when a public body ceases governing, but instead lies to and imposes its will on the citizens, their “subjects” will rebel. If you don’t believe me, simply ask Sam Adams or John Hancock!

Michael Bush