Letters to the Editor: Hale gets support

Staff Writer
Morton Times-News

The purpose of my letter is to urge voters in the Morton area to support Ron Hale for a school board post on April 7. 

Ron Hale is retired and lives in Groveland. He is a former social service administrator at the Tazewell County Resource Center, who has a vast amount of experience dealing with people and their concerns. 

He and his wife have a son who has taken advantage of the Morton school activities and their excellent academic reputation. 

As a former school superintendent and social service worker, I have a strong personal interest in our local schools and who represents us around those board tables. 

I want Ron Hale to represent me because he is a good listener, a person who sees all sides of an issue, a person whose values reflect those of the central Illinois community, and finally a person who will represent all the children in the Morton School District. 

Make your vote count for someone who will represent you in a professional, concerned manner. Support Ron Hale.

Dan McCormick